b'Education Strategies# Strategy Summary /Current Partners Status Critical Next StepsComponents 1 Outreach CampaignMultimedia advertisingEPA WaterSense In DevelopmentSecure fundingLiterature distributionOttawa County Department of Public Health Hire marketing rm2 Online ResourcesCounty-hosted InitiatedManage ongoing updates togroundwater website site Allendale Christian SchoolPilot supplemental curriculumPartnerships for6th-8th grade curriculumODC Network in local school district3 Youth EducationsupplementOttawa Area Intermediate School District InitiatedConsider broader Ottawa County Parks & Recreation implementationPartnerships for Research collaborationGrand Valley State UniversityContinue developing4 College EducationCurriculum integrationHope College Initiated relationships for educational Outreach opportunities opportunities Allendale Township Library Coopersville Area District Library Gary Byker Library of Hudsonville Public lecturesGeorgetown Township Public LibraryContinue developingPartnerships for Herrick District Library5 Community EducationInformational resourcesHolland-Hope College Sustainability Institute Initiated relationships for educational Hands-on workshops opportunities Howard Miller Public Library Loutit District Library Patmos Library Spring Lake District Library Grand Valley State University Holland-Hope College Sustainability Institute6 Community PresenceEngage the public at keyMacatawa Area Coordinating Council InitiatedSeek opportunities to have aevents/locationsODC Network public presence Ottawa County Parks & Recreationprint plan.13.indd 16 2/19/2020 12:13:51 PM'