b'Strategy1815Model Zoning Guidelines Ensuring future development does not come at a cost to groundwater quality and quantity Rapidly expanding residential development is adding strain to our groundwater supply. In order to allow our County to continue its growth, yet also protect our resources, thoughtful zoning practices will need to be implemented.The County has begun reviewing best practices for groundwater conservation through zoning and land use techniques, including components of Low Impact Development (LID). The compiled strategies and recommendations will be distributed for use at the local level.The Planning and Performance Improvement Department will be available to provide assistance to local units with implementing any changes.Examples of other modications may include:- Lot size/density requirements- Landscaping requirements Did You Know.- Allowable uses LID (Low-Impact Development) is an approach to planning and engineering design to mitigate the impact of our built environment on the natural environment.38print plan.13.indd 38 2/19/2020 12:13:53 PM'