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County Statistics

The Performance Improvement Division maintains a variety of up-to-date demographic and economic statistics for Ottawa County and its local units of government.  These include annual population estimates and projections, monthly labor force and unemployment statistics, and quarterly residential and commercial construction activity data. 

The Division also maintains a County Data Books series which provides an assortment of statistics, facts, and community indicators about Ottawa County.  The Data Book series currently includes a Demographic Data Book, Environmental Data Book, and a Health Data Book.


Population Data (Current Estimates) Population Data (2010 Census) Demographic Data (2010 Census)
  • Age Distribution (Michigan, Ottawa County, Local Units of Government)
  • Gender (Michigan, Ottawa County, Local Units of Government)
  • Race (Michigan, Ottawa County, Local Units of Government)
  • Hispanic/Latino Origin (Michigan, Ottawa County, Local Units of Government)
Housing Data (2010 Census) 2000 Census Data


Labor Force & Unemployment Data Construction Activity Data

Multi-Year Trends



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