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The Ottawa County Department of Public Health collects information about health issues. The information is collected to monitor the general health and well-being of our citizens. These data sources are useful for program development and evaluation. The information can also identify emerging health issues and trends. Listed below are the categories of available statistics and links to other data resources.

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Behavioral Risk Factor Survey (BRFS)

The Behavioral Risk Factor Survey (BRFS) provides a snapshot of general health, preventative behaviors, and health risk behaviors among adults. The information gathered in this study is used by the Department of Public Health and community partners to evaluate effectiveness of programs and to assess the needs of the community.

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BRFS Special Topics

Body Mass Index Survey

Body Mass Index Survey measures the height and weight of third graders to assess trends in overweight or obesity.

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Community Assessment for Ottawa County

The Greater Ottawa County United Way created the Community Assessment as a snapshot of the community needs. This tool serves as a report to the community in general on the state of health and human service needs, and provides benchmarks from which to gauge progress. It is intended that this report, and the ongoing work of United Way, will facilitate increased community engagement around meeting the community’s needs.

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Communicable Diseases

Communicable Diseases are reported to the Department of Public Health for surveillance and investigation to prevent their spread. The following reports capture the diseases reported each year.

Healthy Ottawa Plan

As a result of the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), an Ottawa County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) was initiated by the partners of the CHNA and community members. Input from individuals, who represent the interests of the community (e.g., health and human service representatives, health care professionals and community members), worked together to develop a plan to address the top three health issues in Ottawa County. The CHNA research indicates the most prevalent health issues are access to health care, mental health and healthy behaviors. Creating a plan to improve people’s health can only be done with community members engaging to help carry out the objectives to form a healthier county.




Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)



County Health Rankings

The County Health Rankings report ranks Michigan counties according to their summary measures of health outcomes and health factors.  The report is a very broad view of "how healthy" Ottawa County residents are.

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Respiratory Illness Surveillance Report

As of November 2023, the Ottawa County Weekly Influenza Report is now the Ottawa County Weekly Respiratory Illness Report. The report is used to not only summarize local influenza (flu) trends, but is now updated to include flu, COVID-19, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) information. All of these viruses affect the body's organs and tissues that help with breathing.

The report is a summary of local respiratory virus trends that can be used to inform clinical practice, healthcare planning, and policy implementation. Data included in the report are from many sources including hospitals, outpatient clinics, schools, childcare centers, and long-term care facilities in Ottawa County. Because this report is based on combined reporting from community institutions, counts and metrics may change as data are obtained and updated. Numbers in this report may not be final, but are a good reflection of flu and other respiratory virus activity in the county.

The weekly reports are usually published each week from October through May.

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Maternal and Child Health Needs Assessment

The goal of this study is to understand the maternal and child health needs and priorities within Ottawa County. It identifies disparities by race/ethnicity, gender, income, geography or other classifications; outcomes worse than the state; and negative trends.

2017 MCHNA

Migrant Farmworker Health Survey Report

VIP Research and Evaluation was contracted by the Ottawa County Department of Public Health to conduct a 2021 health survey with the adult migrant farmworker subpopulation in Ottawa County. The overall objective of the research was to obtain information from Ottawa County migrant farmworkers about a wide range of issues and behaviors that affect their health.

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Migrant Health Taskforce Strategic Plan

The 3-year grant from the Office of Minority Health which funded the activities of the Migrant Health Taskforce, including its strategic plan, ended on September 30, 2023. The full strategic plan and Year 2 and 3 evaluations can be found here.

View Full Strategic Plan View Full Strategic Plan - Spanish Year 2 Evaluation Year 3 Evaluation

Youth Assessment Surveys (YAS)

The Ottawa County Youth Assessment Surveys monitor the prevalence of youth health risk behaviors. The purposes are to monitor trends and to provide information so local agencies and schools can focus programs and policies to reduce behaviors that contribute most to the leading causes of mortality and morbidity.

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